My Morning Jacket - Old Sept Blues tab

Old Sept Blues by My Morning Jacket.

Standard Tuning: EADGBe
A  (022200)
D  (232000)
Dm (132000)
Bm (234422)
E  (001220)

    A                       D Dm
All alone at the end of the day
       A                      D Dm
as the tide turns and hits the bay
       A                      D Dm
it was always good to hear you say

    Bm           E
You never were a drawback
    Bm             E
You always were an asset
       Bm           E
No you never were a drawback
Bm E x 3
then repeat verse and chorus

You can fiddle about at the end just picking the notes of the chorus, works pretty
well hammering (2h3p2)the B string on the Bm


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