My Morning Jacket - Gideon tab

I've seen this posted before, but this is the way Broemel played when they were on
City Limits.  It is played with one guitar until the chorus when a second guitar starts
power chords through the end of the song. It is just G, C, and F (Bb, Eb, Ab w/o capo) 
is easy to figure out on your own.

Capo 3

standard tuning; key of Bb (G with capo)

play the following riffs for the chords shown

Intro: G C F G G C Gideon, what have you told us at all? F G Make a sound, come down off the wall G C Religion, should appeal to the hearts of the young F G Who are you? What have you become? Chorus (1st guitar): F Animal, come on What does this remind you of. Chorus (2nd guitar): F C G Animal, come on F C G What does this remind you of. Verse 2: Truly, truly we have become Hated and feared for something we don't want Listen, listen, most of us believe that this is wrong. Repeat chorus 3 times Outro 2nd guitar
E|-18-16-15-------------| B|---------18-16-15-----| G|-----------------17-15| E|----------------------| B|----------------------| G|----------------------|
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