My Sweet Disaster - The Infamous Untitled Song tab

My Sweet Disaster - "Untitled"
tabbed by nick gwinn

intro (X2) |------------------ |-----------------|------------------ |-----------------|------------------ |-----------------|-----8---8---8-8-- |------4--4---4-4-|----9---9---9-----(x2) |-----5--5--5-----(x2)|--7--------------- |---3-------------
part1|---7----7--------3----3----|---7----7--------3----3----|---7----7--------3----3----|---8----8--------4----4----|---9----9--------5----5----|---7----7--------3----3---- just strum those
--a little mute scratchy thing--- then...
alright that should be it....sorry about the lack of strum pattern... i dont have time to type it all out...send your questions to
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