My Sweet Disaster - The Art Of Taking That Knife To My Heart tab

My sweet disaster - "the art of taking that knife to my heart"
tabbed by nick gwinn

intro (this is random picking my than anything)|-------------------------------------|-------------------------------------|-------------------------------------|----6--------4--------7---------6----|---4--etc---2--etc---5--etc----4--etc|--4--------2--------5---------4------
verse and chorus|--4---2---5---4----|--4---2---5---4----|--4---2---5---4----|--6---4---7---6----|--4---2---5---4----|--4---2---5---4----
end on|---2--|---2--|---2--|---4--|---2--|---2--same with outro...just listen for the change in strum patterns...questions or comments to thisisgump@hotmail.commusic at
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