Mymp – I Miss You tab

Artist: Go Radio
Guitarist: Jason Lancaster
Song: I Miss You
Album: Welcome To Life
Tabbed By: Garrett (

This song is really easy. Now i know it's not perfect but it still sounds decent. This 
my first tab so be kind. i'm only 16. And i only tabbed the lead because its what i could 
The rythem is Just x355xx, x755xx, x799xx, 355xxx, 577xxx variations

~: Let Note Ring
.: Palm Mute
\: Slide Out Downwards

[Tuning: Standard - E,A,D,G,B,e]

Verse One: ("Wait This Isn't Me...") Now What I do for this section is just variations of C add 9 And a basic C. This is all picked out, I'm just giving you the chords to play with, i generally change the 3rd fret, open fret, and 1st fret on the E strng
Pre-Chorus:(From A Book I wouldn't read for goodness sake.)e|-------------------------------|G|-------------------------------|D|-5----------7------------------|A|-5-(ring out)--7-(let ring)----|E|-3-----------5-----------------| ................
Chorus:(And Right Now Where You Are...) Figure Out The Timinge|------------------------|-----------------------------------------------|B|------------------------|-----------------------------------------------|G|-5--5--5--9--7--7--7 (x2)-|---------------------------------------------|D|-5--5--5--9--7--7--7----|-5-7-9-7---------------------------------------|A|-3--7--3--7--5--9--5----|-5-7-9-7---------------------------------------|E|------------------------|-3-5-7-5---------------------------------------|
Repeat: Intro, Verse, Pre-Chorus and Chorus I'm working on the bridge. but here is a good idea of what the song should sound like. 100% on the intro but the rest is just what i play that sounds decent. Thanks, If You have any questions PLease email me at the address above.
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