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Mymp – Constantly tab

Song         : Constantly
Artist       : MYMP
Album        : Versions
Transcribe by: Walter Michael De la Cruz - SLU Baguio City - 09224012464

Date of Tab  : May 24, 2005

G G5 CM7 FM7 Em EbM7 Am7 Bm7 C9 D7sus Bm5 F G/Am BbE|--3---3-----3---------7----6----0---2-----3----3-----3---1----0----1-----|B|--0---3-----5----1----8----8----2---3-----3----1-----3---1----1----1-----|G|--0---0-----4----2----9----7----0---2-----0----2-----4---2---------3-----|D|--0---0-----5----3----9----8----1---4-----2----0-----2---3---------3-----|A|--2---2-----3---------7----6----0---2-----3----------2---3---------1-----|E|--3---3----------1---------------------------------------1----3----1-----|
Intro: CM7-Bm5-Bb-Am7-G/Am G G5 I knew it was there CM7 Though I tried to hide it FM7 But the feeling just kept on shining through G G5 Haven't know you that long CM7 So I try to deny it FM7 But the feeling was much too much too strong Refrain: Em EbM7 Could this be love Am7 Deep down inside Bm7 Tearing me apart C9 D7sus I feel it in my heart Chorus: CM7 Bm5 Constantly, you're on my mind F Am7 Thinking about you all the time CM7 Bm5 I can't sleep no matter what I do F Am7 I just keep on thinking 'bout you Verse 2: G G5 Why do I feel this way CM7 When I know you have someone FM7 That you're seeing each and every day G G5 Should I play this game CM7 Of just being your friend FM7 When I know that's not where I want it to end Refrain 2: Em EbM7 How could this be wrong Am7 When the feeling's so strong Bm7 Tearing me apart C9 D7sus I feel it in my heart Chorus (2x) EbM7 G No I don't want to start no trouble Cm F G Between you and I and your lover EbM7 G But I must tell you what I'm going through Am7 Bm7 C9 D7sus Every time you walk by I see love in your eyes (Adlib) (Chorus) Comments,questions?? send me a message in friendster at or you text me or call me at 09224012464
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