Mymp – Only Reminds Me Of You chords ver. 2

Title : Only Reminds Me of You

Ce|------3--------------| B|-----3---------------|G|----5----------------| D|---5-----------------|A|--3------------------|E|---------------------|
Ge|-------3-------------| B|------3--------------|G|---------------------| D|-----5---------------|A|----5----------------|E|---3-----------------|
Ame|-----0---------------| B|------1--------------|G|----2----------------| D|---2-----------------|A|--0------------------|E|---------------------|
Fe|------1--------------| B|-------1-------------|G|---------------------| D|----3----------------|A|---3-----------------|E|--1------------------|
Eme|-------0-------------| B|--------0------------|G|---------0-----------| D|----2----------------|A|---2-----------------|E|--0------------------|
C GI see you, beside me
AmIt's only a dream
F A Vision of what used to be
C GThe laughter, the sorrow
AmPictures and time
F Fading to memories
Em Am How could I ever let you go?
Em F Is it too late to let you know?
C GI try to run from your side
AmBut each place I hide
F it only reminds me of you
C G When i turn out all the lights
AmEven the night
Fit only reminds me of you
VERSE2: [same as VERSE1] I needed my freedom This what I’ve thought But I was a fool to believe My heart lied while you cried Rivers of tears But I was too blind to see REFRAIN2: [same as REFRAIN1] Everything we’ve been through before Now it means so much more [Repeat CHORUS] [INTRO] BRIDGE: [same as REFRAIN] So come back to me I’m down on my knees Boy can’t you see [Repeat REFRAIN2] [Repeat CHORUS] x2 OUTRO: [same as INTRO] AxD_fruckers .\|./ AxD_dranreb
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