Mystery Jets – Someone Purer tab

Hey guys, play the picking pattern throug all the verses and look at the transition 
riffs to the chorus.
In the chorus strum the chords down and sing then alone (listen to the song and get it).
I actually wrote everything important down…
I think I got the picking pattern but at some parts I’m not too sure… But it sounds 
right to me.
Have fun 

x4(Intro) x2 (verse)
GE----------------------------------------------|B--------------0------0-----0-----0------------|D-----------------0------0-----0-----0---------|G-------0-----------0-------0-----0-----0------| x1A----2-----------------------------------------|E—3--------------------------------------------|
These are the picking patterns, below you see the chords, change the picking when the chord changes. INTRO: Em VERSE: Em I was gripped with a bit of fear Em worried the one thing that I loved G back when I was just a kid Am might now never be enough C that the body I was in C might belong to someone else Em Someone kinder, Someone surer, Someone innocent, young and beautiful C someone purer, that's the one I know Em Em Em Em I was scratching at my skin hopin changes would begin G (2nd guitar strums down 1x) but what laid beneath was blood Am(2nd guitar strum 1x) C (2nd guitar strum) well of course what the hell was I thinking of C (2nd guitar) won't you take me down to the creek wash away our sins of sleep At sins of do this riff and strum with Em down at sleep (listen to the song to get it right) Riff 1:
Em I feel so tired as though I might C not wake at all on the other side.... that's no way to go
2nd Guitar (or if you do an acoustic version I think it would be fine if you stoppicking the chords and play the riff instead)Riff 2:E--------------------------------------------------|B--------------------------------------------------|G--------------------------------------------------|D-----------2----0-------------2---0---------------|A---------------------------------------2---0---2--|E—0---3---------------0----3-----------------------|
CHORUS (listen to the song to get the strumming (I think the most of the time it’s down strumming. Instead of the Chords you can use power chords as well, whatever you like better.) G (Strum until you start singing, then let the chord fade out and strum again when the singing stops) Oh my dear one bathe me in your glow D cut out my lonely heart and bury it in the snow F nothing really means nothing is the saddest thing I know C so deliver me from sin and give me rock and roll Sing Oh Oh here x4 (Strum the whole time) G D Give me RocknRoll F C The same picking like in the beginning. Strum down with the second guitar at the ends of the sentences Em And in the morning there'll be hope and in the morning there'll be light G and if I sleep and dream up a system Am a solution C to fend off perils of the night Em come on in, I'll be born again G born again as someone else Em Someone kinder Someone surer Someone beautiful C someone purer Play Riff 2 two times with those lyrics: and when I am you'll know and when I am you'll know Strum the Chords again G Oh might one the devil knows my name D will salvation come and wash away my pain? F for I was once a kid with a pure and innocent soul C so deliver me from sin and give me rock and roll Sing Oh Oh here x4 G D F C Give me rock and roll Give me rock and roll a pure and innocent soul and a pure and innocent soul Give me rock and roll Give me rock and roll and a pure and innocent soul and a pure and innocent soul let the last chord fade out
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