Mystic Roots Band - Pass The Marijuana tab

Pass The Marijuana
Mystic Roots Band
Tabbed by devinquinn

Standard Tuning

This song is extremely easy to play and it repeats itself throughout the entire song.
It is a simple progression:

E-5--5--7--7-|B-6--6--8--8-| Do not let the chords ring.G-7--7--9--9-|D-x--x--x--x-|A-x--x--x--x-|E-x--x--x--x-|
This is played with a reggae beat. Very similar to Sublime and Bob Marley There is also a main riff that is played throughout the song, its played by a bass, but you have more than 1 guitar, the riff and the chord progression sound good together.
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