Sirens chords with lyrics by Madrugada - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Madrugada – Sirens chords


Am AmWell hearts belong
Am AmLike rock and skin
Am AmAt peace with evil
Am AmAnd all within
Am AmA shadow looms above the river
Am AmAnd fire sweeps across the land
Am AmOur bones are twisted in their sockets
Am EmAnd even we must try to stand alone
AmRight here alone yeah
Am AmFire in wirk beneath your skin
Am AmForever let us sleep
Am Am'Till sirens tear the night wide open
Am AmAnd even we awake, love
COh listen
Em AmThe world is awake
C EmOh, it's time for the tellers to rise
AmAnd the blood of the anciest
EmHeeey alone... Alone... Alone... Alone
AmHear my ban with evil
EmAnd alone
AmRight here alone, yeah
AmAlone, yeah
Em AmLone, lone lone
************************************ | h Hammer-on ************************************
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