Marc Bolan – Observations chords


[Verse 1]
GLivin' in the car, make it to the bar
We'll meet up with the guys who make like Barbara Striesand
CThen we'll all split the scene, make it like a dream
GWest side Brighton, or we're just ridin'
D C G DTurn on all the chicks and then we'll blow our kicks and we'll fly high
[Verse 2]
GBoppin' and shoppin' and make it in West one
See ya later, alligator, throw away your Zip Gun
CDance instead of walking, feel like I'm the best one
GSmoke charges and ridin' barges, cutting out high strung
DSleeping on the beaches and make like a teacher
CTurned on beggar, say he's a rockin' preacher
G D DStealing all the feeling and make like a rocker, then you'll fly high
[Verse 3]
GMandarin collar king jiving on the sidewalk
Intellectual put down all I wanna do is talk
CChelsea cats groovin' and provin' that they're all men
GCallin' up your lost baby, shoutin' out "Remember when.."
DOn a scene with the guys, seeing paintings in their eyes
CDriving through the crazy night, looking for a chick to fight
G DHad a cedar made of bell, blew some smoke and leave a trail and fly high
[Verse 4]
GI’m wearin' shades and diggin' spades, I'm takin' in the night life
Crazy Sally in the alley, playing with a filck-knife
CMet a chick, got a flat, got a cat with one leg
GAboard a Jeep, nice and cheap, I’m cutting out right now
DMade it to the sea, just the chick, the cat, and me
CEverybody's laughing 'cause the Jeep's cost money
G D GNice and easy baby said the cops to the money and we'll fly high
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