Mike Krol – Suburban Wasteland chords

[Verse 1]
B5 F#5Oh yeah, suburban wasteland
G5 B5 D5 C#5I feel at home with you
C5 B5 F#5 Been walking all around this town
G5 B5 C#5 B5Got those broke down car blues
Alright [Chorus]
B5 F#5 And when I'm on the streets late at night
G5 B5 D5 C#5 C5I start to think too much about my life, uh
B5 F#5 Yeah I don't think I'm doing this right
G5 B5 C#5 B5But for the last time I don't care
G# BOh, hey my friends, I'm giving in
G# BI did my best you'll see
G# BI want the house but not the kids
E5 G5A one person family
BOoh ooh ooh
[Verse 2]
B5 F#5Oh yeah, suburban wasteland
G5 B5 D5 C#5 It's just me and you
C5 B5 F#5 Had enough of all that social life
G5 B5 C#5 B5And said to hell with that too
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