Misc Cartoons – Lil Elvis Jones And The Truckstoppers Theme chords

A(Slowly pick between the 4th and 5th fret on the low E string then as the music builds start strumming A)
Here's the story, sonny Jim. And I swear, every word is true. [Verse]
ATo a [homeless star] on a desert night
AIn a Cadillac of golden light
On [the floor] by a truckstop door
EHe left a prize
AA rock and roll surprise for Len and Grace
D AA little baby boy in a guitar case
E AThe new mum and dad could barely believe their eyes
AAnd... as the Caddy vanished into the night, I was sure we'd been touched by... the king!
A DSo they called me Li'l Elvis
AAnd mum reckons I'm the son of the king
DA-Li'l Elvis, uh huh
A EI was born with a gift to sing
ASo with Janet and Lionel
We made a band
DSpreading digabilly music
AAcross the land
E DThe Truckstoppers!
A D E ALi'l Elvis Jones.
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