Murder By Death – Only Time chords

F  Am  G  Dm

[Verse 1]
FI've had time
AmTime enough
GTo make up my mind
DmHow to say it right
F AmWhen times got tough
GI made my bed
DmThen I laid in it
FIt was my chance
AmMy moment
ETo take the reigns
To face the day
F Am E DmBurn out bright but I faded away
[Verse 2]
FI march these halls
AmI do my time
GThe reflection I see
DmIs no longer mine
FMy body wracked with pain
AmAnd to what end?
GThis place is changing me
DmI don't know myself, know myself, know myself
E F EI rise from my slumber too soon
Drifting alone
[Instrumental] C Am C Am F G x2 [Bridge]
E FThe tracks of my tears fade away
E FI hear the hum of the engine pushing through space
[Instrumental] C Am C Am F G [Verse 3]
C AmThere's only time
C AmIn this place
Dm Em Dm GNothing to separate the nights from the days
C AmOnly time
C AmTo make it right
Dm Em Dm GTo fill the days and the nights
C AmOnly time (only time)
C AmOnly time (only time)
C AmOnly time (only time)
Dm COnly time
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