Musikatha – Triumph In Your Praise chords

D G/D A/D DYou, have made me to triumph in Your praise
Em G/A D G ABy the power You've ordained
D G/D A/D DYou have caused me to walk in victory
G F#m7 Em G/D DBy the power of Your Spirit in me
C/D D7 G F#m7 E#m7 G/A DSo I will sing "Hallelujah!"
G F#m7 E#m7 G/A Bm A/B BmI will shout "Praise the Lord!"
C/D D7 G F#m7 E#m7 G/A F#m7 Bsus B7/D#I will proclaim "Jesus, You are Lord!"
Em G/A A D F#m E#m G/AFor You have made me triumph in Your praise
Em7 G/AFor You are my King
F#m7 BsusFor You are my King
Em G/AFor You are my King
D Cmaj7 GThe God I praise
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