N-dubz - Best Behaviour chords

Capo 1st

Am F Drag my bags off the plane today
G Em AmA little too much fun on tour (too much fun on tour...)
FLord please help me find my keys
G Emor I'm banging down my own door.
Am F All the cheering all the applause
G Em who could ask for more?
Am F Now I wouldn't mind finding a real thing
G Emready when my bags finally hit the floor.
Am FSee I need some kind of lady that will feed me daily
G Emevery time I come home she'll be waiting for me.
Am Fcuz I been thinking lately that life alone is crazy
G EmI wanna hold somebody when I sleep.
Am(Aaahhh Ahhh)
F G Em Who's gonna be the one to save me?
Am FWill I ever settle down all I do is run around
G EmThis is taking too loooonnnggggg.
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