Nacholibre - Flakes In Oil chords

Flakes in oil
Composed by: Nacholibre

A AM7 D Dm E

A Whenever I write a song
AM7those song are just for you
D Dmto remind me all the love that we have
Esupposed to do
AAnd I'm wishing all the stars,
AM7the stars above the sky
D star light, star bright
Dm EI wish your here tonight
C#m F#mWhere have all your love is gone
Bm C#mthere's lover on the run
Bm C#mthe one who raise you up' (pause)
Cm Bm Eand give's you lots of fun.
C#m Dbut if you turned another boy
Dm E A AM7 D Dm E then your a flakes in oil..
A I remember the time
AM7the time you called my name
Dyour voice seems so beautiful
Dm C#mand so I'm waiting for your call (back to chorus except the last chord)
then ad-lib: C#m F#m C#m F#m Bm E C#m D Dm E Bridge:
C#m F#m Likewise, I'm here for you
Bm Ecause girl I love you so... (back to chorus)
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