Nada Surf – All Is A Game chords ver. 2

chords   eadgbe

Bsus x24400F#m7sus4 244200
Asus4 x00230
Aadd9/C x42200Bm7sus4 x20200
Asus x02200 Verse- Bsus F#m7sus4 Asus4 A Bsus F#m7sus4 G D Chorus- Aadd9/C Bmin7sus4 Asus D Bridge-
D A C G-------------------------------------------------
INTRO verse chords X3 VERSE 1
Bsus F#m7sus4Do you wake up and lie there
Asus D And think it through?
Bsus F#m7sus4Is the weight of your own life
G D Too much for you?
D Well
Aadd9/C Bmin7sus4 [it all is a game, yeah
Asus D You forgot to play you did ) X2
Bsus F#m7sus4 Asus4 A Woke up an hour after the clock
Bsus F#m7sus4 G D Remembered the details and wanted to stop
Bsus F#m7sus4 The stakes in my life
Asus4 AAre going so far up
Bsus F#m7sus4That my fingers are like
G D Haven't you had enough
(etc) But first i gotta find money I gotta get lunch Tell me something funny Coz i'm cracking up And later when i see stars I'll know i'm alright I go scary far From the dark to the light But CHORUS
Aadd9/C Bmin7sus4 [it all is a game, yeah
Asus D You forgot to play you did ) X2
BRIDGE D A C G X2 (oohs)
D A C GThe stove is open coz it's cooooold
D A C GGot a stack of posessions to be soooooold
G Aadd9/C Bmin7sus4 There's a hallway to a doorway
Asus DTo a room that you're in
Aadd9/C Bmin7sus4 And in there all day The walls are you say
Asus DThe sky's whatever you say
CHORUS CHORUS INSTRUMENTAL (chords single strum) CHORUS (keeping single strum going) -the end
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