Nada Surf - Bacardi tab


from the album THE PROXIMITY EFFECT (1998)

Intro: B5 C5 G5 (repeat)

This riff is used on the verses below.Deviations in verse 2 & 3 are specified.e|---5-------3-------0-------0---------------------------------------|B|-------------0---------------0-----1-------0-----------------------|G|-----4---------------0---------------2-------0-------2-4-4s5-4-2-4-|D|---------2-----2-------------------------------2---4---------------|A|-6-----6---------3-----3-2-----2-0-----0---------2-----------------|E|-----------------------------------------0-------------------------|
B7/D# Em C Em/B When you walk home from the party Am Em B7(addC) Drunk on bacardi and listening B7/D# Em C Em/B To the voices that lie to you nightly Am Em |B5 C5 G5 (repeat)| Make you frightened of everyone When you walk home from the party Drunk on bacardi and listening To the voices that lie to you nightly B7(addC) Make you sorry for something You go home and spend your life alone with the stereo Watching the late show; or force yourself Out in the night to meet your generation B B/A# D# G#m D# G#m C#m You feel like claymation in fluorescent light B B/A# D# G#m On our knees, we made it hard to see D# G#m C#m We made it hard to breathe and the air was thin Coda: ...C#m E5 B5.
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