Nadia Fay – Honeycomb chords ver. 2

Chords for Nadia Fay Honeycomb.
If it doesn't work for you try: 

Em instead of Em7

If it does work: Enjoy the song!

G D Em7 Em7 GClose you're eyes and count to eight. No! Don't cause I can't wait.
D Em7 GEverything is free in this world of fantasy.
D Em7We can hear the singing sun
GWe can feel the air is soft
D Em7And whatever hurt we're wearing
Em7 GWell, We'll just take it off
GWell, We'll just take it off
Chorus: G D And we'll say A B C D
Em7 GI've got a dream for you and me
DSweet as honeycomb
Em7 When I'm with you
Cadd9You take me home
Em7Yeah I know that we can make it
Cadd9To the stary skies
D GThey shimmer like the love light in your eyes
D Em7So come on down with me
GSo come on down and dream
D G DSo come on down with me with me and dream
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