Nailbomb – Blind & Lost tab


Date: Wed, 6 Nov 1996 19:11:39 +0000
From: Matt Javes 
Subject: TAB: Blind and Lost by Nailbomb

                               Blind and Lost


This is probably meant to played tuned down about a step.

Riff Ae|-------------------------------|B|-------------------------------|G|-------------------------------|D|-------------------------------|A|2-2-7775-5-888-2-2-7775-5-565--|E|0-0-5553-3-666-0-0-5553-3-343--|
Riff Be|---------------|B|---------------|G|---------------|D|---------------|A|2-222-22456-6--|E|0-000-00234-4--|
Riff Ce|----------------|B|----------------|G|----------------|D|----------------|A|7-7-8885-5-5-5--|E|5-5-6663-3-3-3--|
Song Structure: A x 4 B x 4 A x 4 C x 4 Bass Pick slide A x 6 B x 4 A x 4 C x 8 -- Matt Javes
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