Nana Grizol – Gave On chords

Left handed
E F# B Eif you do not find yourself wondering where to go
E F# B if you do find yourself wandering some lonely road
E F# in search of snow, or home
B Eor whatever you chose
E F# B Ehung on, hung in, hung out, hung up
E F# B Ehung here are pictures of the ones we'll always love
E F# B E i wonder when, oh when will pictures be enough.
E F# B E E F# B
E F# B Eand time means less and less ever since this begun
E F# Bthe years will all blend into one
Etime and again
E F# Bi think, i hope your having fun
E F# B Egave on, gave in, gave out, gave up
E F# B Egave me my first case of "I think i've heard enough"
E F# B Eand I am thankful that it taught me to be tough
E F# B
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