Nanci Griffith - Tecumseh Valley tab

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              C               C  F        C
		The name she gave was Caroline
                F       F     C     C
		Daughter of a miner
                        F         F           Em          Am
		And her ways were free and it seemed to me
                G           G         F        F      C     C
		The sunshine walked beside her

		She came from Spencer across the hill
		She said her Pa had sent her
		'Cause the coal was low and soon the snow
		Would turn the skies to winter

		She said she'd come to look for work
		She was not seeking favor
		For a dime a day and a place to stay
		She turned those hands to labor

		But the times were hard, Lord, and the jobs were few
		All through Tecumseh Valley
		She'd ask around, and a job she found
		Tendin' bar at Gypsy Sally's

		She saved enough to get back home
		And spring replaced the winter
		But her dreams were denied, her Pa had died
		The word come down from Spencer

		So she turned to whorin' out on the streets
		With all the lust inside her
		And it was many a man returned again
		To lay himself beside her

		They found her down beneath the stairs
		That led to Gypsy Sally's
		And in her hand when she died was a note that cried
		"Fare thee well, Tecumseh Valley".

		-instrumental verse-

		-repeat first verse-
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