Nancy Beaudette – Alleluia Jesus Saves tab

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Subject: b/beaudette_nancy/alleluia_jesus_saves.crd
Date: Tue, 24 Jun 1997 19:36:15 +0000
From: "Laura MacDonald(St. Joe's Social Convenor)"

                     Nancy Baudette
                   Alleluia, Jesus Saves
              CD:We're Ready for the Journey
               Chords by Matt J. MacDonald


|C        |G        |Am  Am/G |D  Dsus4 |D
                               \ \ \ \   \/\/(these  are quarter notes then a rest)
                      (/=upstroke, \=downstroke)

Verse 1:
  C             G
A promise of salvation
  Am               G
A Lamb to lead the way
    C               G
Fullfilment of this prophesy
    Am                 D
Has brought us to this day
     C                G
An encounter with the Nazarene
  B7               Em
Reveals to us the truth
   C               G
We Understand the hope that lies
  Am              D<---------go D\ \ Dsus4\ \|D\/\/ (then stop strings)
Beyond the empty tomb


NC  C  G  D     G
Alleluia, Jesus saves
    C  G  D     G
Alleluia, Jesus reigns
    C  G  D     G
Alleluia, Jesus lives
      C     G        D\/\/ and let ring
He is risen from the grave
    C  G        D     G
Alleluia, sweet victory
    C  G  D      G
Alleluia, we are free
    C  G  D    G
Alleluia, we believe
      C      D       G   C|G   C|G   C|D\ / \ /(quarter)
He is risen from the dead

Verse 2:(Same chords as first)

Embrace the life of Jesus
Behold the crucified
In Him we live, in Him we move
Our souls are justified
In grace and in humility
Be light for all the world
And rise again with Jesus
Our redeemer and our Lord

Chorus except stay for 2 beats on the G over "dead" at end
then repeat chorus ending on G instead of D

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