Nancy Sinatra - Coastin tab


Bb                           G#        Bb  
Well, I though happiness had passed me by
                D#           Bb 
Till I saw that look in your eyes
                    G#        Bb  
I though misery had conquered me
                   D#      Bb
But I was wrong as I could be

Bb                 Fm        Bb            Fm
And now I spend my time with nothing on my mind
     Bb     G#       Bb    G#  Bb    G#  
Just coastin’, yeah, coastin’, coastin’
     Bb    D#                 F
It’s fine, I’m gonna tell you one more time

I though loneliness moved right in
But I was wrong once again
When I kissed your angel face
My whole world fell right in place


Instrumental verse + Verse 1 +  Chorus

by: José Duarte
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