Napalm Death – Kill tab

NOTE: This song is played differently by the different Napalm Lineups.
the '86 studio version, played by Justin:

Intro Riff (x1)D--------------------------------|A--------------------------------|F--------------------------------|C--------------------------------|G--------------------------------|D--1-2-0~-1-2-0~-1-2-0~-1-2-0*~~-|
Riff 1 (x2)D----------------|A----------------|F----------------|C----------------|G--3-4-2--3-4-2--|D--1-2-0--1-2-0--|
Riff 2 (x2)D----------------|A----------------|F----------------|C----------------|G--6-5-3--6-5-3--|D--4-3-1--4-3-1--|
Riff 1 (x2) Riff 2 (x2) NOTE: It doesn't had any tremolo parts in the live versions played by Bill (FETO era, including Peel Sessions 1,2). In the version played by Jesse, it is needed to be played a step higher. stuff: /=Slide up \=Slide down ^=Hammer *=extreme high-pitch
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