Napalm Death – Common Enemy tab

Band: Napalm Deateh
Album: Scum
Song: Common Enemy
Copyright (c) Earache Records - 1987

Tab Written On - January 16th, 2007

Transcribed By: Jordan J.

/  - slide up to
h - hammer on

Tuning: Drop D:
(D A D G B E)

IntroE|-------------------|B|-------------------|G|-------------------| X 4D|-------------------|A|-1-1-1-1--1/4-5----|D|-1-1-1-1--1/4-5----|
MiddleE|-------------------|B|-------------------|G|-------------------| X 8 (go psychotic with shredding)D|-------------------|A|--3/4/5--4h5-3-----|D|--3/4/5--4h5-3-----|
EndE|---|B|---|G|---| D|---|A|-1-|D|-1-|
Finished... Very fast in the middle, but that's just Napalm Death for you =D. - Jordo.
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