Natalie Grant – What Are You Waiting For chords

This is a really good song by Natalie Grant and I noticed that the chords weren't 
on this site yet, so my friend and I learned it by ear and decided to make a tab 
for it on here :) We were a bit confused on the bridge since we both are 
beginners, but hopefully you can get something out of it. Thanks for viewing this 
tab! Comment and rate!

C9 D C9Sometimes I get that overwhelming feeling
D So sad those faces on TV
C9 DIf I tried to make a difference would it help anyway
Em D EmBut then I stop and to myself I say
Em C9 G So you wanna change the world
D EmWhat are you waiting for
C9 GYou say you're gonna start right now
D EmWhat are you waiting for
C9It only takes once voice
G D C9So come on now and shout it out
DGive a little more
What are you waiting for C9 D
C9 D C9Sometimes I feel a little helpless
D Seems like I can't do a thing
C9 DBut anything is possible just you wait and see
Em D Em Good things happen if you just believe
[Chorus] BRIDGE:
Bb Someday somehow
F Gonna take that step
C DCause time is ticking away
BbRight here right now
F Before it's too late
C G DGonna face tomorrow today
SOLO: X 2e|-0-2-3-2-0---------|B|-----------3-1-0---|G|-----------------2-|D|-------------------|A|-------------------|E|-------------------|
[Chorus X 2] C9 D to end and end on D
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