Natalie Imbruglia – City tab

(Intro Riff)E---------------------------------------------B---------------------------------------------G--------2--------2--------2-2-----------2---- (repeated)D--0^2------0^2------0^2-------2---0^2--------
Am C F Had a dream ,had a drowning dream I was in a river of pain Am C F Only difference this time I wasn`t calling out your name yeah Am C Has it ended before its begun F You hold on and I try to run but CHORUS ------ F C G Anybody heading in my direction F Away from the city F C G Anybody wanna change the way they feel F Step inside F C G Doesn`t really matter where you wanna take me F Away from the city F G F G I wanna start again, I wanna start again F G A (Intro Riff) I wanna take it back, I wanna start again Am C F Funny how those friends forget you when you tire of their games Am C F You miss a show or a party that blows and they`ve forgotten your name Am C And you wonder what you`ve become F They pull you back when you try to run, well Am C F I left the me I used to be, I wanna see this through Am C F I left the me I used to be, if only you`d see it too Am C Well I wonder what you`ve become F You pull me back when I try to run Transcribed by Brian O`Donnell
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