Natalie Imbruglia – Come September tab

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"Come September" by Natalie Imbruglia
From the album "White Lilies Island"
Tabbed by Dado2 (
Added by Mikhailo

p = pull off
h = hammer on


C Fe|---0-3-0-----0---|---0-3-----------|---0-3-------0---|-17----17--------|B|-3---------3-----|-3-----3h5-------|-3-----3h5-3-----|-----------------|G|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|D|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|A|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|E|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| if you prefer, play 5 instead of 17
Verse: | C | C | Dm | G | x2 | Dm | G | Dm | G | Repeat twice; play | C | after the first time Guitar solo:
C F C Fe|-----5---------------|-----5---------------|B|-5-------5h6p5-5h6p5-|-5-------5h6h8-5h6h8-|G|---5-----------------|---5-----------------|D|---------------------|---------------------|A|---------------------|---------------------|E|---------------------|---------------------| repeat twice
Repeat verse and intro. Bridge: | F | C | F | Dm | | Eb | Bb | Verse (up one tone and a half): | Eb | Eb | Fm | Bb | x2 | Fm | Bb | x4 | Eb Bb | Eb Bb | If you're interested, here is a guitar tab of the strings played by keyboard at the end of each verse (+3 for the last verse)
Chords needed:
C F Dm G Eb Bb Fm e-0--1--1--3--3--1--1---B-1--1--3--0--4--3--1---G-0--2--2--0--3--3--1---D-2--3--0--0--5--3--3---A-3--3--x--2--6--1--3---E-x--1--x--3--x--x--1---
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