Natalie Imbruglia – Troubled By The Way We Came Together tab

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"Troubled by the way we came together" by Natalie Imbruglia
Tabbed by Dado2

This is the first of some songs I'm going to tab out. They are featured in
movie soundtracks or in single CDs, like "Something better", already tabbed on
this site. About this song, I think this is Natalie's best one, and I
appreciate the strings arrangement.

The tuning is really weird: it seems dropped by half a semitone. If you want to
play the song with the original one, tune your A string with the A note of
"as you BREATHE..." in the chorus.

Verse 1:

"from hand to hand you bought and sold..."
| A A4 | A2 A | A | E | A | D | A | A |
"when you recover from yesterday's low..."
| A | A | A | E | A | D | A | A |


"as you breathe..."
| A | F#m | A | E |
"as you stray..."
| F#m | D | A | E6 E |

Verse 2:

"mmh mhh..."
| A | A | A | A | D | E |
"flames of love immerse you, cradle and coerce you..."
| Am | Dm | Am | Dm | A | A | A | A |
"my heart carries on, but my head knows better..."
| A | A | A | A |

Repeat chorus.

Verse 3:

"cause you are here today and gone tomorrow..."
| A | A4 | A | E |
"you wanted today, oh, but I wanted forever..."
| A | A | A | A |
"my heart carries on, but my head knows better..."
| A | A | A | A |

Reeat chorus; end with A ("cause you are here today and gone tomorrow").

Chords needed:

A A4 A2 E D F#m E6 Am Dm e-0---0---0---0---2---2---0---0---1----B-2---3---0---0---3---2---2---1---3----G-2---2---2---1---2---2---1---2---2----D-2---2---2---2---0---4---2---2---0----A-0---0---0---2---x---4---2---0---x----E-x---x---x---0---x---2---0---x---x----
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