Touch chords with lyrics by Natasha Bedingfield for guitar and ukulele @ Guitaretab

Natasha Bedingfield – Touch chords


F FI was try'na cross the street, when I tripped and spilled my coffee
Am GOn a man who yelled at me, then he walked off in a hurry.
F FNow he's gonna' be late for work, so we call his secretary.
Am GSaid to cancel his appointment with that guy in the lobby-
F FWho's been waiting for a while, and talking on the phone.
C G'Got invited to a party and thought he couldn't go.
F FBut, he's here right now- standing in my house...
C G6Then, someone turns the music loud...
FSo we dance
FAnd we laugh
C And we touch (touch touch touch)
FSo we dance
FAnd we laugh
CAnd we touch (touch touch touch)
F Gonna party all night till the sun comes up,
AmCuz the world seems to be so big around us.
FSo we dance
GAnd we laugh
CAnd we... touch
-Same pattern for other verses and chorus-
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