Nathaniel Rateliff - Early Spring Till chords

Artist: Nathaniel Rateliff
Song: Early Spring Till
Album: In Memory of Loss (2010)

Got tired waiting for someone to put up a version of this so decided to give it a go myself. 
This is a very basic version based on what he played in Belfast a few months back. 
Listen to the song to notice the strumming pattern.

Capo: 2nd fret

C -   032010
G -   320003
Am -  002210
Fm7 - 003210 ?


C GI was out there missing steps, when you swung around to me
C GBest to land, not to crash, pulling out too late
C GCall on everyone you ever knew, and plead
Fm7 CWell I've been the bum who's underfed
Fm7 CI've been the one who should've said
Fm7 C GMaybe I'm wrong and I've always been that way
C Am GAre you tied to your field, wrung out
C Am GHave you fallen from where glory sprouts
C Am GAre you cut off in fields and pressed down
C Am GLike an early spring till that don't come around
CI think I've been there
Fm7 CI think I'm waiting too long
Fm7 CYou tried this panting and poured?
Am GYou set a course to cross me out
C Am GAre you tired and broken, once so stout
C Am GAre you full of the feeling, don't doubt it when it's gone
C Am GI could cut off (this reel?) and leave now
C Am GI could fill up with air and scream so loud
CI think I'm going to
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