Nathaniel Rateliff - Oil And Lavender tab

			     Oil and Lavender – Nathaniel Rateliff
Tabbed by: Gulliver

The basic chord structure of the song is this….e|-----x---------x----------x---------4-------------|B|-----5---------x----------x---------4-------------|G|-----6---------3----------2---------5-------------|D|-----6---------4----------4---------x-------------|A|-----4---------4----------2---------x-------------|E|-----x---------2----------x---------4-------------|
And being outside your wisdom x4665x 2443xx And stretching the truth x242xx 4xx544 I was the oil and lavender But never for you [piano] You had to toil and sit in The sun browned your skin It burned all the alabaster Till the ash choked the wind They say it's the longest light To ever have shown They say it's the longest lie And that nobody knows They say it's the longest life And I still taste the smoke Now only ungrateful remember To sleep in the stone With all of your grace and thunder The roll and the boom I was the cloak and dagger That snuck into you And we have but one life finger That's pointing at us And that would be the longest night That chilled bane to bone That would be the longest night To sleep here alone That would be the longest night I think you'd be warmer closer to me
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