Nathaniel Rateliff - We Never Win chords version 1

			     We Never Win  Nathaniel Rateliff
Tabbed by: Gulliver	

F2 G Em Fe|----2-----3-----0-------2------------------|B|----3-----0-----0-------2------------------|G|----4-----0-----x-------3------------------|D|----4-----0-----2-------2------------------|A|----2-----2-----2-------4------------------|E|----2-----3-----x-------2------------------|
F2He's a manic boy
GLooks a lot like me
EmLooks a lot like me
F2And he shares the blame
With a younger face It's hard and rushed to see And it's hard for us to see But I can tell Is it cold enough Does it chatter your teeth And the wind won't set you free And it never has
F2 F1 G EmLike an old time revival
G F1 F2Shake your hands, and shake your hips
Put up all my armor Let me stand bear, with just two fist
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