Ne-yo – So Sick Acoustic chords ver. 2

Tabbed by: Hanna ^_^
This is my first tab. 
I figured this one out and its sound pretty good. 
Its really just the same chords all the way through.

BTW the chords are a bit all over the place because of the final edit..thing...

Capo 2

C#m 046650
A      577600
E5    079900
B      799800

C#m AGotta change my answering machine
E5 BNow that I'm alone
C#m ACause right now it says that we
E5 BCan't come to the phone
C#m AAnd I know it makes no sense
E5 BCause you walked out the door
C#m A E5 BBut it's the only way I hear your voice anymore
C#m A (it's ridiculous)
E5It's been months
BAnd for some reason I just
C#m A (can't get over us)
E5 BAnd I'm stronger than this
C#m A (enough is enough)
E5 No more walking round
BWith my head down
C#m A I'm so over being blue
E5 BCrying over you
Chorus, Verse 2, Chorus For the bridge part:
C#m A(Leave me alone)
C#m A(Stupid love songs)
C#mDon't make me think about her smile
AOr having my first child
C#mI'm letting go
BTurning off the radio
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