Able chords with lyrics by Needtobreathe - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Needtobreathe – Able chords

EThere's a host of hurts we come across
A ENone of which alike
B AFrom the air inside the birthing room
ETo the darkness where we die
G# Dbm AThough I feel I'm just as strong as any man I know
E B AI'm not able on my own
ECarry round the secrets
A EOnly heaven knows
B A ECrawl into our darkened rooms where only victims go
G# Dbm AThough I feel I'm strong enough to carry all this load
E B AI'm not able on my own
B EAll my actions, false or true
B ESelfish motives I will use
B EWe were born with knives in hand
B ETrained to kill our fellow man
B EIf we're not better than the rest
B EHow will children do their best
B EFind your patience, find your truth
B E ALove is all we have to lose
E B A EI'm not able on my own
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