Negativland - Greatest Taste Around tab

As far as I'm aware, this songs only really has a bass line and a drum beat.  However, 
harmony is really obvious and I've transcribed it for guitar.

Capo at 6th fret (Shapes: Eb=A, Bb=E, Ab=D):

Eb                        (Bb) Eb
I got fired by my boss      -  Pepsi
I nailed Jesus to the cross -  Pepsi

Ab                Eb
Powdered mashed potatoes in the
Bb                  Eb
cupboard for three years
Ab         Eb
Alcoholic husbands driving
Bb               Eb
frantic wives to tears
Eb                               (Bb)Eb
Poor old widow's house burned down - Pepsi

Tractors plowing down the hills - Pepsi
Ghastly stench of puppy mills - Pepsi

Sheets of stinking urine
Bloody shards of glass
Mudflaps burned by hot exhaust
Drunkards passing gas
Children dying of disease - Pepsi

Leading helpless teens astray - Pepsi
I can't find the strength to say - Pepsi

Medicated ointment being
spread on painful rash
Old, outdated software getting
thrown into the trash
Everything still tastes the same - Pepsi
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