Neil Diamond – Pretty Amazing Grace tab

Pretty Amazing Grace by Neil Diamond has been stuck in my head for weeks thanks to local
airplay and as neither version is quite right I thought I tab it. This is for one
think there's at least three on the track, but I've also tabbed the short guitar break. 
on's in the bass on the F chord in the verse progressions, and run up from A to C
verses and after choruses. Enjoy

Capo 2nd fret

//Am    /G        //

Verse 1:

Am                           G
Pretty amazing grace is what you showed me
Dm             G             C
Pretty amazing grace is who you are
Am              Dm
I was an empty vessel
G                 C
You filled me up inside
F                G                 Am
And with amazing grace restored my pride

Verse 2:

C              G              Am
Pretty amazing grace is how you saved me
Dm               G                  C      E7
And with amazing grace reclaimed my heart
Am                   Dm
Love in the midst of chaos
G                 C
Calm in the heat of war
F                    G                  Am
Showed with amazing grace what love was for

Chorus 1:
             F    G    Am
You forgave my insensitivity
           F       G     C
And my attempt to then mislead you
Am           F       G    Am
You stood beside a wretch like me
                   Dm            Am
Your pretty amazing grace was all I needed.

Link:  Am

Verse 3:

C                   G               Am
Stumbled inside the doorway of your chapel
Dm                  G               C
Humbled in God by everything I found
Em               F
Beauty and love surround me
G                    C
Freed me from what I fear
F               G             Am
Ask for amazing grace and you appear

Chorus 2:

                F       G        Am
You overcame my loss of hope and faith
           F       G         C
Gave me a truth I could believe in
Am         F      G    Am
You led me to a higher place
                    Dm                                 Am
Showed Your amazing grace when grace was what I needed

Link: Am

Verse 4:

C                G             Am
Look in a mirror I see your reflection
Dm               G              C
Open a book you live on every page
Em                         F
I fall and you're there to lift me
G                  C
Share every road I climb
F                G                   Am
And with amazing grace you ease my mind

Chorus 3:
                 F      G       Am
I Came to You with empty pockets first
         F         G       C
When I returned I was rich man
Am               F          G       Am
Didn't believe love could quench my thirst
                  Dm                         Am
But with amazing grace you showed me that it can

Link: Am

Verse 5;

Am              G             Am
In your amazing grace I had a vision
Dm                G              C      E7
From that amazing place I came to be
Am               Dm
Into the night I wandered
G          C
Wandering aimlessly
F                  G                Am
Found your amazing grace to comfort me.

Guitar break and "pretty amazing":

Am G x7|----------------------|------------------------||------7-----7------7--|------5------5-------5--||----7-----7------7----|----6------6------6-----||--9-----9------9------|--7------7------7-------||----------------------|------------------------||----------------------|------------------------|
Then Am / / / / / Final Chorus: F G Am You overcame my loss of hope and faith, F G C Gave me a truth I could believe in. Am F G Am You led me to that higher place F Showed me that love G And truth F And hope G Am And grace were all I needed. Outro : Am
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