Neil Diamond – Stones chords ver. 2

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Stones chords
Neil Diamond

Capo III *


AStones would play inside her head
And where she slept, They made her bed
BmAnd she would ache
Efor love and get but stones
E7 ALa la la la la la la la la
ALordy, child
A good day's coming And I'll be there to let the sun in
BmAnd being lost
EIs worth the coming home
A Bm E E7 A
AYou and me, a time for planting
You and me, a harvest granting
BmThe every prayer ever prayed
EFor just two wild flowers that grow
E7 ALa la la la la la la la la on stones
E7 AMmmmmmmm.....
* Alternate: Original key of C Open A = C Bm = Dm E = G E7 = G7 Set8
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