Neil Diamond – Both Sides Now chords

Both Sides Now:Neil Diamond.
Album - Touching You Touching Me - #30
On BB Hot 200 on UNI Records.

INTRO: A D (x4)

A D ABows and flows of angel hair..and ice-cream
C#m D Acastles in the air.
A D Bm DAnd feather canyons everywhere..I've looked
Eat clouds that way.
A D ABut now they only block the sun..they rain and
C#m D Asnow on everyone.
A D BmSo many things I would have done..but clouds got
Ein my way.
A D AI've looked at clouds from both sides, now.
D A D A EFrom up and down, and still's cloud's
A D Bm E7 A D A Dillusions I recall..I really don't know clouds, at all.
A D A D C#m DMoons and Junes and Ferris wheels..the dizzy dancin' way
A D Bmyou every fairy tale comes real..I've looked at
Elove that way.
A D A C#mBut now it's just another leave 'em laughing
D Awhen you go.
A D BmAnd if you care, don't let them know..don't give yourself
A D A D AI've looked at love from both sides now..from give and take,
D A E A Dand still's love's illusions I recall..I really
Bm E7 Adon't know love at all.
(INTERLUDE:) A D A D A (x2) #5.
A D A C#m DTears and fears and feeling say, I love you, right
Aout loud.
A D BmDreams and schemes and circus crowds..I've looked at life
Ethat way.
A D ABut now old friends, they're acting strange..they shake their
C#m D Aheads and say I've changed.
A D Bm EWell, something's lost but something's gained in living every day.
A D A D A DI've looked at life from both sides now..from win and lose and still
A E A D's life's illusions I recall..I really don't know life
E7 A A D A D A (x4)at all.
A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.
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