Neil Diamond - Kentucky Woman tab

Written by Neil Diamond
[Capo 1]

A  Asus2  A  Asus2

[Verse 1]
A        D                         A                 D E
Kentucky woman she shines with her own kind of light
A                 D                         A
She'd look at you once and a day that's all wrong looks all right
      D                      E
And I love her, God knows I love her

E        E  A   D A
Kentucky wo-man
E             D    A   D A
If she get to know you
E            E   A   D A
She goin' to own you
E        D  A   D A
Kentucky wo-man

[Verse 2]
A                   D                            A                D E
Well, she ain't the kind makes heads turn at the drop of her name
A                   D                         A
But something inside that she's got turns you on just the same
        D                       E
And she loves me, God knows she loves me


I don't want much
The good Lord's earth beneath my feet
A gentle touch
From that one girl, and life is
Sweet and good
Ain't no doubt
I'm talkin' about




E        D  A
Kentucky wo-man
E        D  A
Kentucky wo-man
E        E  A
Kentucky wo-man

Transcribed by Otto
1967 Tallyrand Music, Inc. (ASCAP)
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