Neil Finn – Loose Tongue tab

(Neil Finn/Jim Moginie)

NOTES:  The chords underneath the riff (during the intro) are 
an imperfect solution ... I'd be interested in any better ideas.


E    XX2100 (different from usual fingering)
D6   XX0230


INTRO: B(VII) A(V) VERSE: E* Remember my loose tongue D6* forget what I just said E I'd crawl over broken glass D6 if we could start again E before our plans were made D6 when the world was young E the house is falling down D6 because of my loose tongue VERSE: Shouldn't say so much shouldn't talk so loud No sooner on your lips then it's all over town in all our given days how many gone to waste a good man has been hung because of my loose tongue BRIDGE: Em G Your skin is changing it's hue Em your god is coming down fast G it looks like someone I knew A7 uncovered happiness at last VERSE: And all the wagging tongues too much information in the future now under massive doubt the papers on the street get trampled under feet A G and they settle for a princely sum ( Em good will is coming down G when it rains A7 your well is full You shouldn't ask me shouldn't ask me ....nose keeps growing ....and after some time you get what you're knowing ....sidecar? superman ....and that's not nothing you wandering for, yeah CODA GUITAR PART (variations on this basic theme):
He's only halfway through his life He's only used up all his time [c] 1996 by Roundhead Music, administered by Wixen Music Publishing (BMI)/Sony Music Publishing Australia/Sprint Music Pty. Ltd. All Rights administered by Sony/ATV Songs LLC (BMI) (Transcription by Marck Bailey)
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