Neil Finn – King Tide tab

(Neil Finn/Robert Moore)

NOTES:  I have no chords or tab noted for the first verse; with 
all the weirdness going on with the keyboard part (is it two 
keyboards?), i couldn't nail down a definite part, so nothing is 
noted here. 

It's a dark and empty room
the sun beating hard on your door
I feel emotion roar within you
you're flesh and blood like anyone


Am        C             F
Make some sense of your life

Am        C                 F
move your hand and make the mark

        Am      C             F
I don't know why you're so confused

       Em        F              Em   D
you're flesh and blood, there's no excuse


---------------------------------|-------------||---------------------------------|-------------||---------------5>7---7---5>7---7-|--8>5--7---5-|| x 2-7----7-----7--------------------|-------------||---------------------------------|-------------||---------------------------------|-------------||
CHORUS: F And the hunger inside G A D won't go away, it's starting to rise F G and the longer you hide A D the more you deny F G and the sea rushes in VERSE: The wind is howling at your back the past is always overturned it's a dead man who would refuse and twice the man to fill his shoes CHORUS: And the hunger inside won't go away, it's starting to rise and the longer you hide the more you deny and the hunger inside it won't go away, it's starting to rise F G and the sea rushes in C D into my world [REPEAT SOLO ABOVE W/ VARIATION] D I can feel a king tide coming all my senses overflowing one of them waiting out the back horns blowing, cymbals crash so paint a circle in the sky I was reckless in the arms of love there's a bruise on my back and a new understanding too D A [c] 1997 by Roundhead Music, administered by Wixen Music Publishing (BMI)/R. Moore (BMI) (Transcription by Marck Bailey)
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