Neil Sedaka – Laughter In The Rain chords

Intro.  F //

F Gm7. Bbstrolling along country roads with my baby,
C7 FIt starts to rain, it begins to pour,
F Gm7. BbWithout an umbrella we're soaked to the skin,
C7 F (EDm)I feel a shiver run up my spine,
Dm G CI feel the warmth of her hand in mine.
Bbm7 Cm Oo I hear laughter in the rain,
Bbm Abwalking hand in hand with the one I love,
Bbm7 CmOo how I love those rainy days,
Bbm CAnd the happy way I feel inside.
F Gm7 BbAfter a while we run under a tree,
C7 FI turn to her and she kisses me.
F Gm7. Bb There with the beat of the rain on the leaves,
C7 F F E DmSoftly she breathes and I close my eyes,
Dm G CSharing our love under stormy skies.
Chorus Chorus repeat but miss last line & rapt to fade
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