Neil Young – Revolution Blues tab

I cannot take credit for this tab but thought the site needed one

Revolution Blues- Neil Young off the On the Beach album

These are the chords

Asus Amin Fmaj7 E (possibly)-Dmin Amin7-----------------------------0--------------------------1----------------|---------3---------1---------1--------------------------3--------1-------|---------2---------2---------2------1-------------------2--------0-------|---------2---------2---------3------2----------------------------2-------|-----------------------------3------2------------------------------------|-----------------------------1-------------------------------------------|
its realatively easy to hear the chord changes throughout the song however the ontro Asus-> Amin taking the third finger off and on in time with the beat which uses the Amin7 so.. Intro Chords: (this not the strumming pattern or the rhythm just showing the chord changes
Asus Amin Amin7------------------------------------------------|-----3--------1-------1---1---1---1-------------|-----2--------2-------0---2---0---2-------------|-----2--------2-------2---2---2---2-------------|------------------------------------------------|------------------------------------------------|
Now For the Verse: Asus Amin Well, we live in a trailer Asus Amin at the edge of town Asus Amin You never see us Asus Amin 'cause we don't come around. Fmaj7 We got twenty five rifles Fmaj7 just to keep Fmaj7 Asus Amin the population down. Fmaj7 But we need you now, Fmaj7 and that's why Asus Amin I'm hangin' 'round. Fmaj7 So you be good to me Fmaj7 E and I'll be good to you, E And in this land of conditions Asus Amin I'm not above suspicion Asus Amin I won't attack you, Asus Amin but I won't back you. Asus Amin Well, it's so good to be here, Asus Amin asleep on your lawn. Asus Amin Remember your guard dog? Asus Asus Well, I'm afraid Asus Amin that he's gone. Fmaj7 It was such a drag Fmaj7 to hear him Fmaj7 Asus Amin whining all night long. Fmaj7 Yes, that was me with the doves, Fmaj7 setting them free Fmaj7 near the factory Asus Amin Where you built your computer, love. Fmaj7 I hope you get the connection, Fmaj7 'cause I can't take E the rejection Asus Amin I won't deceive you, Asus Amin I just don't believe you. Solo (just in the Amin pentatonic scale) Asus Amin Well, I'm a barrel of laughs, Asus Amin with my carbine on Asus Amin I keep 'em hoppin', Asus Amin till my ammunition's gone. Fmaj But I'm still not happy, Fmaj7 I feel like Fmaj7 Asus Amin there's something wrong. Dmin I got the revolution blues, I see bloody fountains, Asus Amin And ten million dune buggies Asus Asus comin' down the mountains. Fmaj7 Well, I hear that Laurel Canyon Fmaj7 is full of famous stars, Asus Amin But I hate them worse than lepers Asus Amin and I'll kill them Asus Amin in their cars. More soloing to finish
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