Neil Young – Tonights The Night Acoustic tab

           Tonight's the Night (part 1) - Neil Young
Tabbed by: Les Gibson

OK so this is a black and haunting blues tune, and only Neil can really pull it off properly.
But here's an acoustic version i worked out for you to mess around with.
The song has only three chords really, so its easy to improvise and get into the groove

May i dedicate this small tab to Bruce Berry and Danny Whitten. Although I did not know
song sums it up.

Tuning: DROP C! yes thats right, you heard.    CADGBE

---->Main theme/chorus: with that famous bass riff.

Tonight's the night D Ce|-------------|-----------------|-(0)-----------------|B|-------------|-(3)-------------|--1------------------|G|-------------|--2--------------|--0------------------|D|--------0----|--0--------------|--2-------------0----|A|--0--3-------|--0--------------|--3-------0--3-------|C|-----------2-|--2--------------|--0---------------2--|
Tonight's the ni - hi hi hi hu hight D Ce|---------------|---------------------|----|B|-(3)-----------|---------------------|----|G|--2------------|---------------------|----| etc. repeatD|--0------------|--2------------------|----|A|--0------------|--3---0--------------|----|C|--2------------|--0-------7---5----0-|-2--|
---------> verse The only chord for the verse is D7 really. at the end of each line, play an improv on d chord, particularly after "he used to pick up my guitar" - live, neil extends this into a solo mid-verse. You can play the D7 chord like this:
e|----| e|----|B|----| B|-1--|G|-2--| G|-2--|D|-0--| OR D|-0--|A|-3--| A|-0--|C|-2--| C|-2--|
... with fills like these - both sound good:
e|--------------------------| e|--0--0-------------|B|--------------------------| B|--1--1----1--3-----|G|--------------------------| G|--2--2----2--2-----|D|--------------------------| OR maybe D|--0-------0--0-----|A|--------------------------| A|--0----------0-----|C|--/7-7--9--/7--7--5--0--2-| C|--2----------2-----|
Listen to the recording to get a feel. I think this could be performed live just with one guitar, as the song is quite sparse and slow. Make it your own! Here are the chords, just to help: D C D C Tonight's the night, tonight's the night, D C D C tonight's the night, tonight's the night, D7 Bruce Berry was a workin' man; D7 He used to load that Econoline Van. D7 A sparkle was in his eyes, D7 but his life was in his hand. D7 Well late at night when the people were gone D7 he used to pick up my guitar D7 and sing a song in a shaky voice D7 that was real as the day was long. D C D C Tonight's the night, tonight's the night, D C D C tonight's the night, tonight's the night, A couple of other verses follow, with same chords. | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note ===============================================================
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