Neil Young - You Never Call chords

Neil Young
"You Never Call" --> New song from Twisted Road Tour
Tabbed by Wiggy

Am G F E
Am G F G E

Am G F EThe sky is threatening
Am G F G EBad weather is in the air
Am G F EBut you always liked that
Am G F G EExcitement is everywhere
Am G F EAnd you always write me
Am G F G EWhen a storm system is in the news
Am G F Eand send me a link
Am G F G EBut now all I got is the blues
E AmCause you never call
You never call
Dm GYour in heaven with nothing to do
C F Ethe ultimate vacation with no back pain
Dm GAnd all we do is work, work, work
Dm GYour on vacation
C F EWe're working
Dm GYour in heaven
C EI'm working
I know your going to the hockey game the Red wings are coming to town I saw your car in the parking lot In and Out burger fries all around And I know Ben is with you Cause you take him everywhere He brained to brained me and told me that you are still there But you never call Your in heaven with nothing to do the ultimate vacation with no back pain and we do is work work work your in heaven We're working your on vacation I'm working You never call
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