Neil Young - Alabama chords version 1

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Neil Young

F G Em  F G F C  F G Em

F G Em F G F COh Alabam; the devil fools with the best laid plans.
F G EmSwing low Alabam
F DYou got spare change, you got to feel strange
E F GAnd now the moment is all that it meant.
AmAlabam, you got the weight on your shoulders
C DThat's breaking your back.
Am Your Cadillac has got a wheel in the ditch
C DAnd a wheel on the track
F G Em F G F COh Alabam, Banjos playing through the broken glass
F G EmWindows down in Alabama.
F DSee the old folks tied in white ropes
E F GHear the banjo; don't it take you down home?
F G Em F G F COh Alabam; can I see you and shake your hand.
F G EmMake friends down in Alabama.
F I'm from a new land
D EI come to you and see all this ruin
F GWhat are you doin'?
C DYou got the rest of the union to help you along
Am F G EmWhat's goin' wrong?
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