Neil Young - Lets Roll tab

Neil Young - Let's Roll

enjoi, may not be exactly right but you get the picture

Main Riff:e------------------------------|B------------------------------|G------------------------------| D---------------------5-4------|A-4-5-4--4-5-7--4-5-4-----4-5--|E------------------------------|
"Time is running out, etc" C Am G Ee--0-----0---3---0---------------|B--1-----1---0---0---------------|G--0-----2---0---1---------------|D--2-----2---0---2---------------|A--3-3-2-0---2---2---------------|E------------3-2-0---------------|
Bridge: "No one has the answer, etc"
D Em C B7 C Am B7 De--2---0---0---2---0---0---2---2---|B--3---0---1---0---1---1---0---3---|G--2---0---0---2---0---2---2---2---|D--0---2---2---1---2---2---1---0---|A--0---2---3---2---3---0---2---0---|E------0---------------------------|
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